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about4Rental Gear

We rent excellent equipment including ranges from Hollis and Sherwood.
Feel safe in the knowledge that our rental gear is top notch!



Our goal is to keep your  life support equipment in great working order.  We can do inspections and full service rebuilds.


How often should I have my gear serviced?

Dive gear should be serviced annually or per the manufacturer’s instructions.  This annual schedule should still be followed even if the regulator has only sat on the shelf since it’s last service. Depending on the manufacturer’s warranty, an annual service may also be required to keep your equipment under warranty!


The annual service includes a complete dis-assembly, ultrasonic cleaning of all metal parts, inspection and cleaning of all internal components, lubing and reassembling the regulator’s – 1st and 2nd stage and alternate air source.  We will also check, lube and replace your high pressure gauge o-rings and spool. Your regulator is tested to factory specifications with top of the line bench testing equipment.


We do our level best to make reg services a one week turnaround but occasionally parts may need to be ordered and other delays incurred.


BCD service is also very important!

You should get your BCD serviced annually to ensure there are no leaks and that your inflator and dump mechanisms are in proper working order.

We also replace the inner components of the power inflator with an annual service kit (depending on model and availability).

Salish Sea Dive offers BCD and gear cleaning services, visual cylinder inspection and hydrostatic cylinder testing.


Service Rates

Regulators: $100.00 for first and second stage or 50.00 a stage including most parts. Some manufacturers have more expensive parts and the price will be adjusted accordingly. This includes complete dis-assembly of all stages, followed by degreasing and ultrasonic cleaning of all parts.  We then assemble based on manufacturer specifications, replacing warranty parts as needed. The regulator is then placed on our flowbench test station and adjusted to peak performance.


$40 BCD Service   Parts are an additional cost and vary by manufacturer.

This service involves disassembling and cleaning the power inflator and dump valves, examining all releases and straps and performing a comprehensive leak test.


$20 Visual Cylinder Inspection

The annual visual inspection of tanks are done here using the Visual Plus Advanced Inspection Equipment.


$65 Hydrostatic Cylinder Test

Hydrostatic testing essentially determines whether the tank is structurally sound and will not burst under pressure.  We need to ship tanks to Vancouver Island for this.  We send tanks over in groups when we have a few ready to go.  A hydrostatic test needs to be performed every 5 years.


$30 Full Gear Cleaning Service

Just returning from a dive trip and want your equipment cleaned and rinsed?  Bring in your BCD, regulator, wetsuit, mask, snorkel and fins and we will clean and dry all your gear for one low price. Cursory inspections will be done on all gear to ensure there are no obvious problems.


Need new gear?

Salish Sea Dive can put you into well priced new gear.  Occasionally we can take in trade-ins that may offset the purchase price!  Come talk to us for a quote on gear.  Our prices are very competitive and can usually beat advertised prices.